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Stylish Kitchens in all shapes and sizes designed and fitted to your requirements.

Note all images shown on this website are manufactured by Tony Harvey Interiors Ltd.

Traditional Kitchens

Thinking of a timeless classic?
The ever popular traditional solid door kitchen always shows character and beauty while projecting balance and harmony. The warmth and welcome of a traditional design tends to offer great flexibility for homeowners.

Contemporary Kitchens

Looking for something sleek?
While a purely modern kitchen often celebrates structure and grid, a contemporary kitchen is often more playful in form and finishes, including elements of other styles and creating its own reflection of the times.

Modern High Gloss Kitchen

Want that modern stunning visual effect?
When we think of modern kitchen designs, we often think of frameless cabinets, sleek and simple hardware, strong horizontal lines and a lack of ornamentation, with the natural beauty of the materials left to shine through for all to gaze in awe at.

Painted Bespoke Kitchens

Seeking a Smooth and Flawless Finish?
Painted bespoke kitchens offer a blank slate that homeowners can personalise with contemporary, traditional and eclectic touches as they see fit while the spray painted doors help to give that smooth and flawless finish.

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